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Verónica Vázquez

My story



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The first thing you should know about me is that I am from Toledo. Unfortunately it is a city as beautiful as small, so when I was 20 years old I decided to move on to Barcelona, in order to do my reception internship in a place with better job opportunities.



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I was working in a 4 star hotel in the city centre, it was my first work experience and my first time living alone. It was hard, but I grew up, became much more independent, and once the internship was over, I was hired in a hotel of the same brand.



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Some time later I realized that it was not my life’s work. So I decided to start a career. And that’s how I came across the wonderful world of marketing. I took my suitcases, left the life I had there and went to Malaga where I lived for two years with my (very dear) grandmother.




My third year of study was in Italy, at the University of Bologna. With the bad (or good) luck that a pandemic struck me. It was the first lockdown in a European country and yes, I was inside it. It was probably one of the most extreme experiences I have ever had, but it was a personal challenge to manage in a hostile environment far from my family and friends.



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I now live in Porto (Portugal). This last semester we have been doing online classes, and I have dedicated my free time to train myself as much as possible in Digital Marketing in a self-taught way. I’m looking for an internship in a company where I can develop my full potential

My values


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At the age of 5 I was already selling painted seashells to my grandmother’s neighbours to buy sweets. This aptitude has only grown over the years.

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I will not say that I am a professional, I am just starting, but I can assure you that I have created and optimized this page alone.

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I feel very lucky to have been born with creativity, and to have a good hand in design.

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For me, the most fun thing about marketing. If you’re looking for someone to do SEO/SEM; I’m all yours.

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